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Worming & Integrating new birds

Red Mite treatment

Continue the preventative red mite treatment as mentioned in August’s blog.

Integrate pullets in to the flock

If you have successfully hatched chicks this year (now pullets), now’s the time to move them in to their new accommodation or integrate them with your existing flock as they will soon start to lay. For information on integrating with an existing flock, see our care sheet.

Download our Care Sheet on Introducing new birds to an existing flock

Treat for worms

At this time of year you should also worm your flock. Worms can cause a range of health problems for chickens including weight loss, depression and anaemia. Because most worms feed on the food a hen digests, they take essential nutrients away from the birds and can leave it malnourished.

Worm the flock with Flubenvet which kills all types of worm and eggs. Flubenvet is the only poultry worming product licenced for use in chicken feed which means it’s safe to eat the eggs of chickens you’ve treated with it.

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