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Hybrid Birds

Ideal if you are a first time keeper

Find the right hen for you

If you are new to poultry keeping, we have a range of hybrid hens which are easy to care for and perfect for an initial flock. All our Hybrid pullets are vaccinated against major poultry diseases and variant strains and are reared to a comprehensive programme which meets DEFRA’s criteria.

Please note –

Our stock is constantly changing; below is a list of what we can hold, not a list of permanent breeds. If you are looking for a particular breed, call us to see if this is a breed that we may be able to obtain.

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Amber Star

  • Docile and good natured
  • Ideal back garden pet
  • Ideal to mix with Rangers
  • Good first-time hen and suitable for children
  • One of best laying hens we sell – up to 330 eggs in first year


  • Quintessential backyard chicken
  • Docile, good natured.
  • Ideal back garden pet, can be mixed with Amber Stars
  • Good first-time hen, ideal for families due to friendly nature
  • Up to 330 eggs in first year

Rhode Rock

  • Rhode Island Red / Barred Plymouth Rock Hybrid
  • Lustrous black plumage, petrol coloured sheen. Gold on head and throat and sometimes through to tail
  • Good, docile temperament. Suitable for first-time keepers. Hardy Bird
  • 300+ light brown eggs in first year

Golden Speckled

  • Rhode Island Red/Maran hen
  • Stunning speckled plumage
  • Docile and good natured
  • A very good first-time hen, suitable for children
  • 300 large cream coloured eggs per year

Columbian Hen

  • Rhode Island Red / Light Sussex Hybrid Hen
  • Chestnut coloured plumage with black tips to tails and black flashes in wings
  • Docile
  • Hardy and adapts well
  • Up to 300 brown eggs in first year

Cou Cou

  • Classic French utility hybrid cross based on Cuckcoo Maran
  • Large bird, attractive speckled plumage, occasionally with feathered legs
  • Alert and intelligent
  • 260-280 medium honey coloured eggs a year (more likely darker eggs if feathered legs)

Devon Bronze

  • Many have feathered legs similar to French Maran
  • Generally quiet and docile, but quite active
  • Suitable to free range or in a coop
  • 200+ dark brown eggs each year

Devon Blue

  • Hybrid Hen with Araucana and Leghorn blood, often have a tuft of crest on their heads
  • Bright and alert, easily tamed
  • Suitable for free range or coop and run
  • Good layers. 280 blue/green eggs per year

Blue Hens

  • Copper Maran/Barred Plymouth Rock Hybrid Hen
  • Large, hardy bird with very attractive plumage
  • Friendly and docile
  • Suitable for domestic or free range
  • Good back garden breed
  • 290 rose tinged brown eggs in first year

Light Sussex

  • Traditional style white bird with black hackle feathers around the neck and on the tail
  • Generally a nice quiet hen, easily mixed with other varieties if purchased at the same time
  • Capable of laying approximately 290 light to mid brown eggs per year

Sussex Rock (Pied)

  • Created over a decade ago in Sussex, England
  • Attractive medium sized, black bird with silver hackle feathers around the around the neck and on the tail
  • Will adapt to free range or confinement. Good foragers
  • Capable of laying approximately 300 light to mid brown eggs per year

Splash Maran

  • Originating in France in the town of Marans. Well know traditional breed
  • Very attractive light grey hen with darker grey/blue flecks throughout
  • 290+ light brown eggs per year

Mottled Leghorn

    • Small sized, athletic, hardy, non-sitters
    • Vigorous, quick and alert birds
    • More suitable for confinement. Like to roost in trees
    • Prolific layer, capable of laying 300 cream/white eggs per year

Silver Leghorn

    • Small sized, athletic, hardy, non-sitters
    • Vigorous, quick and alert birds
    • More suitable for confinement. Like to roost in trees
    • Prolific layer, capable of laying 300 cream/white eggs per year

Everything you need to keep your birds safe & healthy

To house your birds and keep them safe, we have a great selection of coops, both wooden and plastic, suitable for differing numbers of birds. We also stock feed, health supplements and all necessary accessories.

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See why our customers love the Poultry Centre

Very helpful staff full of knowledge. Great range of healthy birds. Recommended
Harvey Paterson
Harvey Paterson
17:57 23 Apr 23
Could spend a lot of time browsing around. Friendly poultry keeper.
Antony Carter
Antony Carter
14:37 18 Mar 23
Joe Mcnab
Joe Mcnab
17:11 05 Mar 23
Got 2 lovely chicken's from here. Settled in well. Ben from the Poultry Centre was very helpful
Cheryl Windass
Cheryl Windass
16:58 03 Aug 22
Animals seem well looked after, a lovely lady spent the time talking to me and answering my questions about the ducks.Sadly I didn't get her name but 10 out of 10 for customer service.Will be back to purchase some ducks once my garden is finished.
Jason H
Jason H
15:47 30 Apr 22
Go brighten up your green space
Neil underwood
Neil underwood
16:43 27 Apr 22
Love this placeHas all your Chicken and Poultry needsGood selection of quality birdsAlways get our food for our Chickens and Quails from herePrices are reasonable
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
13:46 13 Feb 22
Eggcellent range of hens. They have some older birds going cheap at the back so you don't have to shell out as much.
owen reed
owen reed
14:40 01 Feb 22
The best place for all your poultry needs and seriously nice people too!
Jamie Trembath
Jamie Trembath
09:19 27 Nov 21
James was so helpful and knowledgeable. Picked four Pekin Bantams… couldn’t be happier
Miranda Smythe
Miranda Smythe
09:32 17 Oct 21
They're always happy to help and offer advice or guidance. Usually have a good range of stock alongside all the start-up equipment needed to help you on your poultry journey...
Emma Neville
Emma Neville
08:33 29 Aug 21
Great selection of goods and staff are friendly
Jonathan Deether
Jonathan Deether
12:30 27 May 21
The whole place has been remodelled. Its very user friendly now. Very spacious to be able yo socially distance. A large variety of birds and stock for them. Great garden centre.
Rachy Watts
Rachy Watts
10:28 17 May 21
The team at the poultry centre are fantastic, the birds are kept in excellent conditions and well cared for by the staff.They are very informative when you need help or advice, 5* service. Beautiful garden centre too
Furry and Feathers
Furry and Feathers
13:57 20 Apr 21
As usual fantastic customer service and animal care thankyou for my new girls laying already
Jenny Kirkwood
Jenny Kirkwood
12:52 16 Mar 21
Friendly and great for advice if needed!
Aimee Armstrong
Aimee Armstrong
11:58 08 Sep 20
Good place for poultry shopping
Niaz Chowdhury
Niaz Chowdhury
18:15 17 Feb 20
Fantastic knowledgeable assistance, nothing seems to be too much trouble very friendly, the hens we bought seems to be very healthy and happy hens.
Steve Dransfield
Steve Dransfield
16:27 03 Oct 19
loved it
Christine Garland
Christine Garland
15:08 29 Sep 19
Excellent place to visit if you keep poultry, range of food and birds is very good
Stuart Coull
Stuart Coull
08:50 15 Sep 19
Good place for buying poultry
Owen de'ath
Owen de'ath
18:44 13 Sep 19
Lots of lovely chickens and ducks to choose from. They also have quail and Guinea fowl. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff throughout.
Mandy Taylor
Mandy Taylor
19:38 05 Jul 19
Very knowledgeable and friendly. Happy to offer advise and help.
Gavin Damon
Gavin Damon
23:21 15 Jan 19
Knowegable staff and a huge selection to choose from!
Lisa Damon
Lisa Damon
08:37 23 Dec 18
We had great fun choosing our new hens, really helpful team and great advice, thanks to John and Maisie! 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔
Sharon Law
Sharon Law
09:33 24 Nov 18
Wonderful garden and poultry centre. We recently went here to buy two ducks and two chickens. The staff member we spoke to was incredibly knowledgeable and seemed very passionate about his job. It was a great experience and will be going back again soon to say "hi" and buy some more poultry feed. The cafe is lovely and we enjoy eating there, though the wait time can be a little uncomfortable for the kids if you go at a busy period.
Lynne “Pixie” Davies
Lynne “Pixie” Davies
19:26 05 Oct 18
Good for chicken keeping
Duncan Harrison
Duncan Harrison
10:57 21 Sep 18
Amazing place
richard elsworth
richard elsworth
08:59 11 Sep 18

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